Mikhail Shishatskiy


  • Software Engineer
    September 2023 — now

  • Cloud Research assistant
    Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS
    July 2021 — September 2023

    • Currently working on the domain-agnostic OASIS TOSCA orchestration system with support of substitution mappings
      • stack: Python FastAPI microservices, Docker, Ansible
      • guided the system architecture from the beginning, learned from quite a lot of mistakes made
      • developed an inline substitution mapping algorithm
    • Currently working on the language-learning platform based on the Lingvodoc, pre-alpha stage
      • stack: Flutter (riverpod), Supabase
      • made self-hosted Supabase production ready (migrations, protected access)
    • Developed Kubetos — a set of TOSCA service templates for deploying highly customizable Kubernetes clusters
    • Extended Michman orchestrator by adding the ability to deploy Kubernetes service. Now this solution is used by the team for reproducible testing of other ISPRAS platforms
      • stack: Ansible, Kubespray
  • Intern Software Developer
    VK groupTarantool
    March 2021 — September 2021

    • Developed platform sampling profiler for LuaJIT. Which is now utilized by Tarantool team to profile user applications running on the Tarantool platform
    • Extended the memory profiler for LuaJIT by adding dynamic symbol table enriching
      • stack: LuaJIT, C, perf


  • Languages
    • Working knowledge: C, C++, Assembly, Python, Dart (Flutter), TOSCA, SQL
    • Basic knowledge: Rust, Go, Lua, HTML
  • Software
    • Working knowledge: Git, Ansible, Kubespray, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres
    • Basic knowledge: OpenStack, Spark, CUDA
  • OS
    • Linux (I use arch btw), Windows
  • Languages
    • English: professional working
    • Russian: native
    • French: elementary


  • Master in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
    ITMO University
    September 2023 — July 2025 (expected)
  • Bachelor in Information Science and Computer Engineering
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
    September 2019 — July 2023
    • Many work-based educational courses
    • Courses: Parallel Computations, Machine Learning, Concurrency, Databases, Algorithms, Discrete analysis, OOP, Assembly, Operating Systems, C, C++
    • Elective: Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems, Advanced C++
    • 8.92 average score

Awards & Certificates

  • Successful completion of course Advanced C++ by VK Group
  • All-Russian Physics Olympiad medallist
  • Medallist and winner of 1-2 rang olympiads at math, physics, informatics


  • In the summer I visit Krasnoyarsk Summer School to teach shoolstudents fascinating things in exact mathematical sciences and have fun
    • «How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Shot Myself in the Foot» — C language course for beginners
    • «Welcome to the Internet» — course telling how the Internet stack works (overview from the TCP/IP to the Cloud)
    • «A Box with a Hole is Also a Camera» — course about geometrical optics and practice in building a pinhole camera